Saturday, February 20, 2010

It's almost 4 am Saturday morning. I met with Father Rahab Isidor and Dr. Patrick Lecorps last night at the airport here in Miami. It took over an hour for them to sort out tickets for Dr. Lecorps wife. All three Haitians are going back since the earthquake to see family that survived. Dr. lost family when an office building collapsed. They both were very talkative last night and over beers I learned more of Haitian history. I don't have time now as I've got to take a shower and get to the airport...

Our plan is to spend today in PAP. The Doc (as Rahab calls him) wants to check on his mother and they both want to see how badly PAP is. Sunday is the ride out to Thomassique and I was told it will take all day as we will stop in many villages to leave money and some supplies. Both men said they already checked in 5 large suitcases (I couldn't do that as I bought 2 separate tickets; one to Miami and back and the Miami / PAP one). These guys are very anxious and desperate to get home and see for themselves what is left.

If I can connect there, I'll post as I go.

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