Saturday, April 3, 2010

This is a distribution point along the pipe to Thomassique. There is an elderly man who is responsible for turning on the faucets at this location. It was around 7 am and people were lining up for their water. I can not help but think that the amount of water in one of these buckets is not enough for drinking, cooking and washing for a family even if the family has just three or four people. I'm going to ask next time, but I think there are at least two trips to get water a day. I also want to find out how far some people are walking. From my calculation of clusters of homes along the ride and the water distribution points, I'm guessing a mile to two miles.
Take a look at the road in the one picture. This portion of the road is in very good condition compared to other parts. I really need to focus on capturing things better with my camera.

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