Friday, April 16, 2010

These are some photos I took early one morning on my last trip. I asked to be taken up further into the hills to see the source of the water that travels down a pipe to Thomassique. The top photo shows children playing their water buckets like bongo drums while they wait their turn to fill the buckets at the public faucets.
The second photo shows the water coming up to the surface from the acquifer.
The third photo shows a collection pond before the water enters the pipes and travels to Thomassique and two other towns downhill. Children play, bathe and take drinking water from this point. Animals are allowed in to drink and they defecate and urninate in and near the water.
Obviously this area should be restricted.
The last photo shows the entrance to the source and that it was funded by World Vision and USAID. The system needs to be upgraded; pipes replaced, faucets secured, the main source restricted, routine testing of the water conducted.

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