Friday, April 16, 2010

The top photo is a little girl who came to Thomassique after her family's home was destroyed in the earthquake in Port au Prince. Church had just finished and she wandered over to have a look at me (people here think I'm dark skinned, in Haiti they look twice at the "blond" LOL.
We talked for a bit and I gave her some candy.
The woman with the green trousers and pink flowered shirt comes by the church and washes clothes. She does this for whatever the church can give her whether it is a little money or something to eat. When I left last time, I gave her a 50 pound bag of rice for her and her family. She put it on her head, stabilized herself and then walked home.
The girl in the pink shirt dressed up for the photo in her best clothes. I had met her on my first trip where she was with other children at a food distribution point for orphans. She has a family (last photo). She speaks french well and I brought her a dictionary and some books on my second trip.
I wanted to visit her home and did so before I left. Her father had died between my two trips and it appears the family is trying to figure out how to get by. The light blue house is her home and these are her brothers and sister standing next to their mother. I brought them a 50 pound bag of rice and gallon of cooking oil. I was told by a Priest that this helps families tremendously. It cost me $30, a dollar a day to supplement a family like this. Unreal!

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