Monday, December 13, 2010

Back in the USA

Arrived back in Saint Louis Saturday night at 10.30 pm. We left Port au Prince for the border with the DR around 3 pm on Friday. The roads were clear, but we were told they were still blocked towards the city center. Many people were taking this route and I would imagine that by today it has become very active with people trying to get over to the DR.

The bus ride from the border to Santo Domingo took 6 hours and was a real experience. I don't know what was more entertaining, the blaring music, the crammed conditions or the vendors trying to sell us peanuts at every check point. If you think of those movies where the forlorn Americans are crammed on a long distance bus crossing some rural part of Venezuela or Peru with luggage piled every where and chickens at your feet, you're close (except there were no chickens, they were ducks and that was on another ride from Savanette to Port au Prince a few days prior).

I did not have any real opportunity to write during the trip as electricity and hence connections are limited. Besides, it was unusually cloudy and in many places internet cafes are solar powered so when there is cloud cover, there is no internet...

I did start a diary on my iphone which I will edit and start posting tomorrow along with pictures. At this point, all I can say is Haiti is still in a mess, they need help and the people are still amazing and wonderful.

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