Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Last Trip of the Year

It's a rather cold morning in Saint Louis and I'm sure I'll be missing this when I land in the tropical heat of Port au Prince tomorrow. It was a busy day yesterday driving from Saint Louis to Springfield and back (total 8 hours in the car) plus the time there. I met up with my travel companion, Caroline Ryan. She just returned to Billings Missouri outside of Springfield after some 35 years in San Francisco. SF to Billings, MO.... WOW.

We packed up her donations into cardboard boxes and then headed to Rolla Missouri where we stopped at a UPS hub to weigh the boxes and ensure they did not exceed the 50 pounds.

Together we are bringing in clothes (some beautiful dresses made by Ms. Eunice Queen of Wilmington, NC), vitamins, sanitary supplies, shoes, a tent and miscellaneous items. The dresses were transported by my parents in their car from Wilmington to Los Angeles where I picked them up over Thanksgiving. These little bundles will have crossed the US twice before they make it to some needy children in the tent cities of Port au Prince. Thank you Eunice!

I'm flying down to Miami tonight and leaving on an early afternoon flight with Caroline into Haiti. I am hoping that I will be able to access the internet and do some updating while there, but electricty and connections are limited so this may be difficult.

Thanks to everyone for your donations and well wishes. I know it is hard for many people in our own country right now, but the situation in Haiti seems to go from bad to worse. I am anxious to see if any progress has been made in rebuilding and helping people get back to some semblance of order to their lives. I have been in contact with people in one town where I have been several times and have been told there are many people sick and many have died from Cholera. Hopefully this epidemic is or soon will be under control.

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