Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Market in Savanette

These are some shots of the market in Savanette. Many people sell goods such as beans, rice, bread, fish, freshly slaughtered meat, sugar cane, picked coffee, peas.
Other people cook and prepare food such as the stews you can see here. You can also see the market stalls under which people set out their items to sell. I believe the meat here is beef, which is not very common. Mostly the meat that can be found is goat, some pork and chicken. Not many people can afford to have meat in their daily diet. A little meat is usually mixed in with the rice and beans Sunday dinner.
It is easy to see that the sanitary conditions are very poor and this contributes greatly to the spread of disease. It is not uncommon to see Clorox Bleach which is used as a simple disinfectant. In fact, a small amount of clorox is thrown into water barrels to disinfect before using the water to cook or bathe by those who can afford it.

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