Thursday, December 9, 2010

Port au Prince

Connection possibilities have been virtually non existent. We travelled down to PAP from Hinche on Wednesday leaving at 4.30 am. The country has been experiencing civil unrest due to the election results and the belief that the results have been fixed. There have been road blocks along the way and we fortunately met up with three Chilean medical team people stuck at a road block. They have been most gracious in allowing us to hunker down at their compound for the past two days. We understand the airport has reopened, but it is difficult to get through road blocks.

At one road block north of Mirballais, we met up with Father Banife and Pam Keck, a nurse from Hot Springs, Arkansas. Pam and I met on one of my previous trips in back this past spring. Pam has been been at the orphanage in Hinche for the past week and was to return home yesterday.

Today is day two with our Chilean friends. Hopefully we will be able to get to the airport tomorrow and get flights out. I plan to update my blog when I get back and have photos from the villages and towns we visited. The only improvements I see are the road and small bridge construction between PAP and Hinche. Other than that, the tent cities seem to be growing. It is raining today and I can just imagine those cities around PAP with over 1.5 million people...

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