Saturday, December 18, 2010

Savanette December 3, 2010

The authorities and many NGO's are trying to halt the spread of cholera. The one poster which appears in the clinic "Centre Sante De Savanette" as well as the catholic clinic I visited, explains to people in few wrods and images how to use sanitary methods when disposing of excrement and how to sanitize your hands. The banner across the street in the town says; "Washing hands with soap is a remedy against microbes"
This clinic and the small catholic one are the only medical services available to the 1400 inhabitants and the countless thousands in small encampments around Savanette. There is a Doctor in the area who rotates visiting these clinics as well as others in towns farther away. There is a nurse for each location, but very limited supplies for treating patients. I will post photos of the catholic clinic which was much cleaner and better stocked than the state one pictured here.

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