Sunday, December 19, 2010

Savanette Haiti Sunday December 5, 2010

My mom has a good friend back in Wilmington, NC named Eunice Queeny. Eunice heard that I was going to Haiti and she started making these simple dresses for me to take. We took in about 25 of the roughly 90 she made (the rest will be brought in on subsequent trips).

On Saturday, these little girls gathered at the local church more than likely hearing that there were "blond" people visiting.

The thing about Haitians is that they never beg. They may follow you or stand nearby or want to speak English, but they will nearly never ask for money or food. It is obvious their situation is not good because of the way they are dressed or they may look hungry.

Caroline and I immediately thought the dresses we had packed would be great for the girls so we went through them sizing them up for each girl. After we had handed them the dresses, we told them to wear them Sunday and we would take a picture.

During church, these little girls all passed by us, smiling, wearing the dresses and their best shoes, some with ribbons in their hair. After mass, we took this photo.

It really takes so little to make the lives of these children better.

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